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TENT: A School of Performative Practices, is a space of possibility and imagination, which invites (almost) all inside. It is a temporary, mobile space of mutual learning and collective imagination. TENT uses interactive formats such as talks, residencies, dinners, and temporal togetherness at one institution for specific durations to engage with its politics and practice. It is a space for imagining, thinking, listening, and also responding to social injustices. In this edition, TENT goes to wpZIMMER in Antwerp for a three week residency, where a physical tent is set up in a public green in the Seefhoek neighbourhood and alternatives as a space and idea for testing projects, workshops and collective food sharings. (

On the short walks between wpZimmer and TENT, I notice a lot of intriguing details and items on the street from which I used as a source to make a a series of visuals. These images will went back onto the bricks of the building along the route to form a tactile connection between the ‘public’ space of TENT and the doors of the residency.   

TENT Residency at wpZIMMER


Residency together with Chetna Mehrotra, Francesco Corsi, Prabhash Chandra, Giulia Savorani, Pankaj Tiwari

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