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Inspired by Marwa Arsanios' film mentioning the Indigenous farming methods that rely on the Moon, by the concept of biodynamics farming and its relationship to celestial bodies, the 12 bamboo steamers are an ode to 12 sections of the sky with its signs. In the steamers are mantı, a moist, delicious Turkish meal, eaten with a garlic tomato sauce and some yoghurt.  The towering steamers recalling the plant stems going high, fast, encouraged by the pull of the Moon. Moon Govern Moisture was a food invervention from Mayis Rukel, Lina Bravo Mora and Sankrit Kulmanochawong as part of the Radical Roots Food Invention at KABK in Den Haag during their Studium Generale program. 

Moon Governs Moisture


Food Intervention

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